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What started as a one-man team working hard to serve a small town area has now grown to a full-throttle non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Upcoming Events

Though there has been a large demand for our presence in the local elementary school system, we do pride ourselves in offering community workshops and clinics throughout the year.

Thanks to all of our volunteers, Dignity Kids has a wide variety of free services to offer to schools and community organizations. Learn more about how we service our communities.

Free Services

“Overall topic covers great discipline and holds students to a high standard of character. Great class for ALL grade levels.”  

Amy Thompson, 

PE Teacher at Saint Mary-Basha Catholic School in Chandler, Arizona.

“Prepare your kids for a fast-paced, fun and exciting lesson! The kids learn and act out special vocabulary words!”  

Jessie Boyd, 

PE Teacher at Scales Technology Academy in Tempe, Arizona

What people are saying about us...

10 March 2014

Interview with Actor Ernie Reyes Jr. 


30 January 2013

Taking action after local shootings in AZ

25 September 2013

Dignity Kids sponsors Wishing for Mommy


Marcie Pratt,  

4th Grade Teacher at Val Vista Academy in Gilbert, Arizona.

“A delightful and fun experience.” 

Mr. M. Wooldridge,  

PE Teacher from Indian Bend Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:To educate and empower youth through fitness-based programs that teach STEM concepts, encourage healthy lifestyles, and promote positive youth development through opportunities to learn, succeed and belong.   

Welcome, October. We've Missed you!

Along with the wonderfully cool weather and joyful festivities that October brings us each year, at Dignity Kids, we find ourselves more thrilled about our initiatives with Wishing for Mommy than all of the pumpkin spice in the world.  

Here's why: We will be giving away $500 grants to the children of mothers who have breast cancer in December based on our fundraising taking place this month in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Read more here....