2014-2015 Board of Directors

Ms. Heather Mayor Business Director MTI Tech Solutions 

Mr. Michael McFarland Director of KidzStrong and
Owner of Power Black Belt Academy

Ms. Susan McFarland Master Instructor Power Black Belt Academy

​Dr. Martha L. Medina Executive Director of International Sales 21st Century HealthCare, Inc.
Ms. Valerie Bontrager Director of Education and Community Engagement Phoenix Symphony

Patricia A. Faust, N.P. Founder and Nurse Practitioner Affinity Medical

​Brian Funston Owner of Funston Management Services LLC DBA Fitness Experience

​Dr. Allison Loll Forensic Scientist Phoenix Police Department

501(c)(3) Letter 

This letter from the IRS verifies Dignity Kids' non-profit status as a charitable corporation providing services to the community.

Official Annual Report 2013

Read about the strides we made in the year 2013, including total donations and children impacted through our various programs!


Find contact information for organizations who have utilized our services in the past to get some real-life feedback. 

Informational Resources

Here you will find some resources appropriate to providing credibility and legal information to any inquiring vendors, volunteers or donors.

Tina Glover- Community Outreach
Tina joins Dignity Kids as a communal part of the success of this fall's fundraising campaign, Wishing for Mommy. She has a heart for any charitable cause and has overseen the entire Pink Belt Revolution for the last two years.   

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:To educate and empower youth through fitness-based programs that teach STEM concepts, encourage healthy lifestyles, and promote positive youth development through opportunities to learn, succeed and belong.   

Michelle Landgren- Founder
Michelle founded Dignity Kids in 2008 and has been serving the children of Arizona since then. She is a graduate from ASU as well as from the Kansai Japanese-Language Institute in Osaka, Japan. Michelle is also the mother of a 6-year old daughter.

Rudy Frank- Photography/Events
Rudy joins us from the East coast and a long line of philanthropists. He is also president of the non-profit group based out of Arizona State University, Forks for Change and runs his own photography business on the side.

Camille Priest- Community Outreach
Camille is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Dignity Kids. She also spends her time volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and is involved in a variety of activities while she pursues a degree in Public Administration from NAU. 

More About Us

Dignity Kids, Inc.


Founded: 2008

Founder: Michelle Landgren


Areas of expertise: 

Dignity Kids Inc. has hundreds of volunteer educators and currently provides interactive learning programs to school districts throughout the United States. Last year, Dignity volunteers collectively taught more than 30,000 children and awarded over $60,000 in scholarship money to deserving students.  

Dignity Kids Inc. is dedicated to inspiring and empowering families, schools, and the community to live healthy, active, lives. Through classroom presentations, school assemblies and martial arts, Dignity Kids Inc. promotes the importance of health and fitness and educates children on the importance of pursuing a career in the STEM field, or simply furthering their education on a STEM-related topic.

Meet the Team

What is the definition of Dignity? How do we preserve it? How do we hold onto that ounce of hope gleaming in a child's eye saying, "Yes I can!" How is this done? By providing them with the tools necessary to walk tall, speak their minds, respect their peers and elders, understand the roots of honesty and truth, compassion for others and a hunger to chase their dreams and turn them in to realistic goals. Together as a team of staff and volunteers, we are passionate about putting this on the forefront and utilizing our skills and abilities to make this vision a reality in our mission. 

What's in a name?