Gift Basket Production

We get plenty of requests throughout the year from multiple schools, churches and organizations asking for assistance in finding donations for various events that they are hosting. We are happy to help, of course; however, that means that we need to have plenty of donations compiled in gift baskets and in stock at all times! 

You can help make this happen by donating your time to the production of these gift basket donations. 

Average Time Commitment: 4 Hours

Typical Days to Volunteer: Any!

Volunteers Needed: Any, ages 16+ 

It's Finally Here!

Wishing for Mommy

Wishing for Mommy is a campaign that Dignity Kids began in October of 2013 in an effort to help a few local families out in Arizona. After the rest of the United States caught wind of what was going on, the campaign went national in a matter of days and Dignity Kids received tremendous support from donors all around the country. With this, 25 children received a very special check in the mail to assist them in making their wish for their mommy come true while she battles breast cancer. Read more about Wishing for Mommy by visiting

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:To educate and empower youth through fitness-based programs that teach STEM concepts, encourage healthy lifestyles, and promote positive youth development through opportunities to learn, succeed and belong.   

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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help out? Join us! Here are a few ways you can be involved in your community by giving back just a little of your time and talents!

Survey Data Entry

Throughout the launch of our Universal Principles of Sport Science program in the elementary schools, we have been receiving lots and lots of data from the students that we are educating about STEM and how the program is affecting their lives. 

You can help us with this by volunteering your time to compile survey results into our database. 

Average Time Commitment: 2 Hours

Typical Days to Volunteer: Office Hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Volunteers Needed: Ages 16+ only, please. 

Qualifications: Knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Average typing skills. Accurate counting skills. Attention to detail.

Event Set-Up & Clean-Up

Dignity Kids, Inc. is frequently at conferences, doing seminars/presentations, and event hosting festivals, like the upcoming 2014 STEM in Sports Expo in Phoenix, Arizona this September!

You can help us educate and reach out into our communities by volunteering your time to help with events during the set-up and clean-up proccess.

Average Time Commitment: Varies anywhere from 45 minutes- 2 hours at a time.

Typical Days to Volunteer: Thursdays, Fridays, and Weekends, usually.

Volunteers Needed: Ages 18+ Only, please.

Qualifications: Ability to lift and move some heavier items (boxes & such). 

Wishing for Mommy (Seasonal)

Our 2014 fundraising campaigns are under way and one of the biggest support systems behind raising money for Wishing for Mommy is through the support of various martial arts schools across the country selling pink belts.

You can help us get started with the Pink Belt Revolution fundraising campaign by volunteering your time to assist us in packing and shipping the fundraising kits to be sent out to our supporters. 

Average Time Commitment: 2-4 hours at a time.

Typical Days to Volunteer: Office Hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm August 1st- October 15th.

Volunteers Needed: All ages to box, adults to ship. 

Qualifications: Just the will to help!