Request a Gift Basket Donation

Gift Baskets are valued at $170, and are funded as donations to schools and organizations within our communities. Please provide 2 week's notice for all donation requests.

Some examples of basket themes we use are:


Jedi Master

Ninja Turtles


Fitness (adults) 

October 22nd-29th 2018

As partners with National Family Partnership ( Dignity Kids is willing and able to adopt your school and come alongside you to provide supplies and speakers to help you promote this extremely important message to your children!

Curriculum & Programs

Volunteer Activities

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math all come together through our "Universal Principles of Sport Science" class curriculum in which we explore principles such as torque, speed, acceleration, leverage, power, etc and how to view the body in motion from a scientific perspective. This workshop can be done in a classroom setting such as a PE Class or in a school-wide assembly. 

We will run a board-breaking game booth in which children will be able to break fun plastic boards to win prizes while learning about the concept of mass and it's involvement in power. This is a popular activity during Science Fairs or Science Nights due to its relevance to STEM. 

We will teach on the issue of Bullying and how to react as a by-stander or as the victim yourself. The curriculum is based upon a program known as “Heroes in Waiting” in which the by-stander learns that they can become the hero. 

Thank you to our volunteers and donations, all of our activities and programs are offered to elementary and middle schools and organizations year-round at no cost. 

Dignity Kids will fund fitness packages for you to sell. The two packages consist of:

1.) 1 month of unlimited martial arts lessons and a uniform/belt valued at $145. 
2.) 1 month of fitness classes (ie: kickboxing aerobics) and hand wraps valued at $85.

You may sell them at whatever price point you prefer- most organizations choose an average of $20-$25 each and get to keep 100% of the proceeds. Flyers and posters to help promote the fundraiser are included and will be delivered to the school as well.

We have mascots for occasions such as Reading Nights, Field Days, Festivals, etc. Choose from Power Rangers, Kung Fu Panda or a Ninja Turtle to add some fun to your event!

Services for Schools & Community Organizations